As a native Texan with an impressive work ethic, Camille’s choice to attend the University of Texas in 2011 came as no surprise. Plans became reality for Camille when she endeavored to pursue a degree in Architectural Engineering with a Business Certificate.

According to the stereotypes, engineering is for the quiet, brainy type. However, if you’ve spent half an hour with Camille, you know she is not one to be put in a box or conform to a societal label. This level-headed, proficient individual only knows how to work outside of “the box.” She is as creative as they come, and her innovative skills are reflected in the way she spends her free time — engaging in her knack for interior design, building a Pinterest page with thousands of followers, tackling various home renovation projects, and event planning. Camille’s prolific imagination collides with her analytical, math-oriented mind and her love for functionality, which allows her to take on any problem or handle any situation with success.

Ambitious and bright, Camille excels in each of her endeavors. Her contribution to the team at Vaughn Construction a project engineer is both constant and immeasurable. Her experience as an intern for half of her college career has her on her best foot forward.

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